Douglas Church: A 50 Year Journey of Practicing Law | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Doug Church recently became a Legendary Lawyer at the Indiana Bar Foundation. An incredible honor with intensive qualifications for nominees, including a mandatory 50 years of practicing law.

Daniel A. Cotter: Cyber-Insurance, Legal Tech and The Chief Justices | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

You could say Daniel A. Cotter has had an accomplished 26 years so far as an attorney. He’s worked in-house and as outside counsel, taught at the John Marshall Law School, published a book about the Chief Justices...

Mellisa Grisel: Unbundled Legal Services Provide a Bright Future for Law | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Few attorneys build their law firm against the billable hour. Mellisa Grisel is one of those. Atlas Legal Services, LLC, was made to offer flat fee “unbundled” legal services and provide affordable assistance to the under-represented.

Kendra Spearman: Dismantling Systemic Inequity, As a Lawyer and Citizen Alike | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Kendra never envisioned herself becoming a lawyer, per se. Like becoming a minister, earning her J.D. and opening her law firm became a way to drive positive change within minority communities...

Clinton Ind: Finding Your Niche in the Business of Law | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Clinton Ind chose a vastly different route in practicing law compared to his wife: he is a solo attorney turned in-house counsel, while she has worked at a large, international firm. However, how they found their paths, he explains, is the same.

Richard Gurak: Building a Powerful Law Firm (Paper-Free) and Out-of-the-Box Thinking | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

How do you build a powerful law firm? Take Advitam IP as an example – a firm that started with a blank page, then thought so divergently they decided to just throw paper away entirely. Now, eight years running, embracing the pivot and always keeping cost in mind has made their firm thrive.

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