Tony Reynes: PhotographerBeautiful photography can work magic in the eyes of its beholder. It can re-invent a time or place long lost or changed. It can take us to a destination we’ve never been to before. It can evoke emotions we didn’t know we felt and even help us sympathize with the emotions of others. To top it all off- it just looks great. 

Inspiring and eye-catching photography like this hangs on the walls of two of Amata’s Chicago shared office spaces at 150 S. Wacker and 225 W. Washington. The photographer responsible for these striking photos is Tony Reynes, the founder of Northshore Digital Photography. His photographs have attracted the attention of Amata’s clients and their guests, so we want to give you a re-cap on a quick chat we recently had with Tony himself. But first...

About The Biz...
Northshore Digital Photography specializes in four areas:

  • Business to business support (real estate photography, commercial interiors and custom web images)
  • Fine art photography sales
  • Photographic coverage of commercial/municipal events and conferences
  • Teaching composition and post processing for intermediate and advanced hotographers

Tony’s photographs are hanging everywhere, in businesses and homes. His impressive client list includes Bin 36 Restaurant, The Drumbeat Agency, The Maytag Ranch, Congresswoman Melissa Bean, Prudential Real Estate, and Ronald McDonald House to name a few.

Meet Tony Reynes 
Tony is a local photographer who set up Northshore Digital Photography in the Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois in 2005. Before he became known for his ph"Antelope Canyon" by Tony Reynesotographs, Tony ran a management search firm, Tesar-Reynes since the 1980’s. “We were national and specialized in marketing, advertising, promotion, pr and digital. I had my camera company on the side,” Tony told us. 

Becoming The Pro
It wasn’t until he received a digital camera as a gift in 2001 that Tony became serious about his passion for photography and sought to learn more. As he honed in on his photography skills, he also learned about composition and digital post-production. And personally, we couldn’t be happier that he did!

Now an adept pro at this, Tony shares his amazing talents with eager learners, teaching Photoshop and Composition. Don’t worry- we made sure to ask where the magic happens for the photography fans, “I give lectures at a number of the camera clubs in the Chicago area. I teach both Composition and Photoshop on a one-to-one basis out of Glenview,” Tony shared.

Interested in learning more about this? Contact Northshore Digital Photography here.

When asked about the development of his post-production process, Tony said, “I could never compose/execute a wonderful piece of art with a pencil, crayon or a paint brush. Post production allows me to add me to the image.”

Well, “me” is quite stunning, and you can check out his intriguing post-production process on Northshore Digital Photography’s website here.

Beyond The Lens
Tony and his camera have ventured far beyond these city limits. While Tony photographs people and events beautifully, his true passion is for landscape photography. Viewing his portfolio is like taking a trip around the world.  And after speaking to him, you can truly tell his hope is for his photographs to take you somewhere.

We asked Tony why he shoots primarily for the business sector, and he replied, “Because my images tend to be evocative. Hopefully they draw a viewer into a state of mind that is similar to what I was feeling when I took the picture. Maybe they will take a mental break from business.”

This is so important in today’s business sector! As individuals, we tend to overwork ourselves because of deadlines, competition, etc. The lines between work and home become blurred, and before we realize it, business is our life, not our careers. Some may undermine the power a simple photograph can have to remind oneself to step back for a moment, but Tony understands its worth.

"It's Going To Be Alright" by Tony ReynesLooking Ahead
Of course, as we are all eager for spring, we had to ask Tony what his plans were now that it is here. *Warning: This response may or may not make you want to quit your job and become a photographer. He answered, “Thus far this year I have been in California twice, Hawaii and Miami and DC once. My trips for the rest of the year include: Charleston, LA, Morro bay, The lighthouses of Oregon, maybe Italy and the UP for sure.”

We warned you.

You can check out all of Tony’s work and contact him through his website at

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