Lead generation can be a very scary prospect for someone who has never done marketing before. You're probably a terrific lawyer, but that doesn't make you an expert at sales. Nevertheless, finding new clients is a critical part of running a firm.

So what are the best ways to generate new clients if you're a marketing beginner?

Network in your community

You probably plan to garner new clients in your local community. So you have to start networking locally! Go to local events, volunteer for causes that are important to you (and relevant to your practice) and let your face be seen. This will help you establish credibility as someone who works with and within the community.

The American Bar Association puts it best in their article about successful networking:

Ask any successful lawyer how he or she built a practice, and you’ll hear, “It’s all about relationships.” The success of a law firm depends on maintaining and expanding relationships with existing clients and attracting new ones. You can’t do that unless you’re engaging with people and genuinely committed to helping others.

Join social media sites

Of course, networking hasn't been the same since the advent of the Internet. Social media has changed everything, but that doesn't mean you should sign up for every site that exists. Choose the right social media sites for you and your practice, ones that reach your target clientelle. The most common and useful for professionals are LinkedIn and Twitter, but 40% of attorneys also use Facebook.

Tips for...

Create a marketing letter to collect new interest from old clients

Client referrals are a great way to build a practice, but clients may not realize you want to be referred much less depend on it to grow your business! By crafting a marketing letter and reaching out to previous clients through snail mail, you put a personable touch in a digital world. No one needs yet another email, but we all love receiving letters and postcards from people we know.

Learn the basics of creating a marketing letter with this handy guide. And don't forget to mention the obvious: you appreciate referrals!

Do you have any lead generation tips and tricks that have worked for you?


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