Guitar Chicago: Relieving Stress & Providing Outlets for Busy Chicago Attorneys & Other Professionals

Amata Law Office Suites’ member James Lenger of Guitar Chicago is bringing stress relief and renewed focus to attorneys, IT professionals, those in the finance industry, and more with guitar lessons - and all for an impressively low cost.

Low Cost, High Reward

Typical lessons run between $80-90 for an hour and offer a form of therapy that allows busy minds to settle, anxiety to abate, and an overall positive demeanor to flourish in spite of the daunting, and oftentimes highly stressful, work environments the professionals that he teaches experience.

Guitar Lessons Provide Far-Reaching Benefits

In fact, Lenger’s approach has been so successful that fellow Amata member and clinical psychologist, Stacey Willard, is now referring her clients to Guitar Chicago as a way to manage their anxiety.

Music Therapy Brings Newfound Fulfillment for Busy Attorneys

For those that are less concerned about stress and more about ways to find enjoyable time for themselves and a creative outlet to devote to, lessons from Lenger are the perfect solution.

As partner at Kirkland and Ellis, LLP, Ralph Dado III, can attest to this very sentiment. During his sometimes 100-hour work weeks, he’s still able to find fulfillment in learning something new with guitar lessons at Guitar Chicago.

These lessons offer an enjoyable way for attorneys and professionals alike to focus their time and attention, even if just for an hour, in another area outside of their daily work environment. By doing so, it opens up new avenues of finding joy, fulfillment, and fun.

Don’t miss the featured article on James Lenger and Guitar Chicago by the Chicago Tribune.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of guitar or other related lessons, give James a call at 312.863.8588, or head to the Guitar Chicago website today!

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