The Ethics and Practicality of Shared Office Space

Last Thursday, Amata Law Office Suites’ co-founder and CEO, Ron Bockstahler, attended an event hosted by The Chicago Bar Association where he spoke about the ethics and practicality of shared office space.

As a consultant to law firms for over 20 years and having witnessed first-hand how positively attorneys have been impacted through spaces that Amata provides for them, Ron shared his knowledge of the benefits and feasibility that shared office spaces bring to the table.

If you are a member of The Chicago Bar Association and would like to view a video replay of the meeting, you may watch it by clicking this link:

Also, please note that watching the video replay will not count toward your CLE credit.

The Chicago Bar Association primarily consists of judges and attorneys from Cook County and the State of Illinois and is one of the oldest and most active metropolitan bar associations in the United States. The CBA is proud to sponsor and support continuing legal education programs and cultivate social relationships among its members.

To attend opportunities like this in the future, check out all of Amata’s attorney networking opportunities on our events page.