Member Spotlight: Michael T. Fakaros, P.C.Although shared offices are a full-time home for many businesses, others use them as a part-time alternative to their primary workspace – typically a home office. This not only allows home-based professionals to have a reputable downtown address, but also gives them a modern, highly accessible workspace where they can host clients and take advantage of support services that can assist with the day-to-day operations of their business.

After five years leasing traditional office space, attorney Michael Fakaros decided to try out a virtual office through Amata in 2009. Today, he’s still enjoying the flexibility provided by the shared office environment, which makes it easy for him to split his time between downtown Chicago – where he’s a short walk from the nearby courthouse – and his home office on the city’s North Side.

You can read more about how Amata’s services have benefitted Michael’s law firm below:

Company Name: Law Office of Michael T. Fakaros, P.C.

Member since: 2009

What I do: My firm concentrates in real estate law, probate law and estate planning and general civil litigation. I am licensed to practice law in Illinois and Michigan, and have represented individuals, businesses and condominium associations throughout the Chicago and Detroit metropolitan areas for nearly 15 years.

Why I chose Amata: I left my traditional office in 2009 to open a virtual location in downtown Chicago, which serves as my second work “home.”  I met with other office providers and quickly discovered the difference in quality and flexibility of service provided by Amata.  They were the only company that clearly understood the needs of a small business owner like me. 

How Amata’s services have benefitted my business: Amata has provided top-notch facilities and a staff that allows me to better serve my clients. Amata is constantly updating the look and technological capabilities of its centers to meet the ever-changing needs of business owners. On several occasions, clients and colleagues have commented on how impressed they were with my office. And it’s not just the physical appearance that sets Amata apart. The on-site administrative staff goes far beyond simply getting the job done. I can rely on them to assist with my everyday business needs and do what it takes to provide the best service possible to my clients.

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