It’s hard enough to find good office space for lawyers in Chicago. Brand new office space with on-site paralegal and administrative services? Practically impossible. Unless you mean the latest floor that will open up at 161 N Clark. It’s an offer by Amata, and here’s what you need to know.

What Is Amata?

Amata is a co-working space that is designed and tailored specifically for attorneys and legal professionals. It’s a workspace where everything has been carefully curated and set up for the specific needs of the legal profession.  

Which means all you need to bring with you when you work at Amata is your client files and your laptop. It’s the perfect, private downtown law office where it’s all done for you.  

Perfectly Situated

161 N Clark - new floor

When they talk about real estate, they always say it’s all about “location, location, location.” That’s even more true when the real estate is going to be used for law offices. If you want to be seen as a top firm, have access to all the best cases and be taken seriously, you need to have your offices in the right part of town.

The new floor being opened up by Amata is located right across from The Daley Center and City Hall, and you don’t get more central than that. It’s right in the heart of the business district, a perfect location for your practice.

Stylishly Appointed

Let’s face it. Appearances matter. Your office, including the building, the décor and everything else tells your clients a lot about who you are, what you can do, and more importantly, what you can do for them.

Amata offices are always perfectly decorated. They’re understated, stylish, and designed to be modern and comfortable but also professional. In other words, they’re the perfect foil for your law firm’s brand.

Check out renderings for the new floor here.

On Site Services

161 N Clark - new floor

One of the big differences Amata offers our clients is the option to make use of on-site paralegal and administrative services. You can take advantage of all the professional level help you need, when you need it, without having to hire full time staff of your own.

From answering the phone to helping with research, typing your briefs to welcoming visitors, it’s all done for you at Amata Law Office Suites. If you need to source an affordable and reliable court report or pick-up last-minute supplies on a Friday evening, the team at Amata has done it before and have the resources in place to take care of it.

Managed Buildings

If you’ve ever rented your own offices, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with cleaning, maintenance and repairs, maybe even some delayed and over-budget construction costs. There’s a lot that can go wrong in a building, and it eats up a lot of your time.

Amata offices come with all the maintenance, repairs and cleaning built in. You never have to worry about anything that doesn’t directly impact your clients. After all, if you wanted to be in property management, you wouldn’t have gone to law school!

Tech On Tap

Of course, Amata offices have the very best internet connectivity and all the technology you need to stay connected, including pre-established VLAN connections for your law firm to protect the privacy of your documents and communications. But there’s another level to the Amata legal office service.

Everyone who works from an Amata office also gets premium access to the Amata app, which allows you to call, text and email your clients without revealing your personal contact information. So, you can take your office in your pocket without risking your personal security and privacy.

Work From Home While Maintaining a Digital Office

We’ve all learned recently that many of the important functions of our businesses and jobs don’t actually require our physical presence. If you’re planning to keep your services hybrid, you can still use your Amata office space as a virtual office to receive your mail, answer and forward calls and more. It means you’re finally free to have the work life balance you’ve been struggling to find for years, while still offering your clients the service they expect.

Who Benefits Most from Amata Law Office Suites?

Amata Law Office Suites are the perfect solution for lawyers who practice on their own or have a small partnership or practice. They are perfect for law firms that need a satellite office or are expanding into a new market. They’re perfect for the virtual law firm or law firm where many of the attorneys have moved to a hybrid office model. They’re perfect for people who want to keep their overhead costs low, but still project a professional image.  

Amata offices also have all the extra services you might need built in, so you don’t have to hire extra staff until you’re ready to.

Whether you’re just starting a law practice or winding down before you retire, this is the perfect solution for people who want the amenities without the responsibilities and high costs.

They’re also great for lawyers who want to expand their services into Chicago, but want to test the waters before they commit to a long-term lease.  

So, whatever your situation is, if you’re looking for a clever workspace solution that is flexible and accessible, chances are you’ll find it on the new floor at Amata. 

A Downtown Presence 

Even if your law firm has a larger office space in another part of the city, there’s a good chance many of your clients work and do business downtown. Maintaining an office at Amata for those times when you need to meet a client and they don’t want to travel to your office is a great way to compromise. You don’t need to relocate, and they don’t have to come to you.  

How Far Is the Project?

 If you recognize the value of getting an office at the new floor that Amata is launching in 2022, you’re certainly not alone. There are hundreds of lawyers who are already using Amata offices to take their legal business to the next level. These offices are in demand, and they’re likely to be snapped up soon after they are released.  

Currently, work is expected to be completed on the new floor of Amata offices at 161 N Clark in July of 2022, and applications will open closer to that time. If you’re interested in this innovative legal office option, you can sign up for early notifications now.  

Getting early notifications about the new floor at Amata is easy. Simply sign up on the website or call the office to speak to someone for more information.