InfoLawGroup LLP has offices across the U.S. and covers three major areas of law – advertising, privacy, and technology – but they aren’t a huge firm. They are a boutique law firm and practice in a niche market, where those three practice areas overlap. Jamie explains how their niche powerhouse of firm was built and how they optimize their team’s broad and specialized knowledge.

Finding the ‘sweet-spot’ at your boutique law firm:

  • The intersection of 3 practice areas (01:51)
  • Optimizing firm IP and building a forward thinking law practice (22:02)
  • BBQ & Jamie’s team “Silence of the Hams” (35:30)
  • What Jamie Rubin wants to see changed in the business of law (43:53)

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The power of a boutique law firm in the modern day.

“Everyone in our firm, can do advertising law, and do privacy law and can do technology law, as siloed practices—some of us have a little bit more focused in one area than the other….And a lot of our clients need us to meet in the middle. The sweet-spot, everything that we do today for our clients, combines all three of those elements….It's still a niche practice, a boutique practice. But to be able to provide that advice, all three of those areas at the same time, [comes] as a real benefit to our clients.”

“We spent a lot of time and energy, making a decision to use cloud based services for our system. And that was the first thing we had to do to help eliminate some overhead when it came to physical office space and fostering the ability to generally be on the road, and still work seamlessly. Because we travel a lot. I mean, this is not so much about working from home, as it is being able to work seamlessly everywhere.”

“We kind of took a big firm practice and turned it into a boutique. And our firm is primarily comprised of former Big Law attorneys, plus a number of executive level associate general counsels at companies, some retailers, and so we bring a perspective…that's both Big Law trained plus in-house lawyer, to provide…down and dirty, practical advice.”

Jamie Rubin

JAMIE RUBIN, Partner at Boutique Law Firm InfoLawGroup LLP

Jamie Rubin is an advertising, technology and privacy lawyer who works with clients to bring their advertising, promotional and entertainment campaigns from concept to execution. Jamie’s practice covers the spectrum of traditional and emerging advertising and entertainment issues.

He works on national and digital advertising campaigns, celebrity spokesperson agreements, sweepstakes and user-generated content promotions, social networking and viral marketing matters, claim substantiation, mobile applications and beyond. Jamie is a frequent speaker and author on new media topics and is recognized as a Leader in the Field for Media & Entertainment by Chambers Partners.


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