For This Father-Daughter Law Team, Communication and Serving the Vulnerable are Top Priorities

As Sarah LeRose studied to become a Chicago lawyer, she planned to work at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office upon graduation. But once she started working as a law clerk at her father’s

Expanding Your Team Nationwide? This Law Firm Shares How It Hung a Satellite Shingle in Chicago

As a leader in multiple industries, from health care and technology to food manufacturing and transportation, Chicago is known for its diverse economy. It also offers a robust yet “close-knit” legal community. All of these factors make the third largest U.S. city a top choice for law firms of all sizes to open a satellite office and build prospective clients. In fact, four of the world’s 10 largest law firms have Chicago branches.

Want to Grow Your Law Practice? This Firm Says Live Receptionists are Key

A missed phone call might not seem like a big deal. But according to a 2018 report from NewVoiceMedia, now Vonage, businesses lose $75 billion each year due to poor customer service, such as missed phone calls. In addition to that, cloud-based voice platform Aircall reports that 85% of callers won’t follow up if their calls are not returned.

While Lavish Law Office Space is Nice, Talent Tops List of Client Priorities

According to a recent Cushman & Wakefield survey, roughly two-thirds of law firms polled spent 4-7% of gross revenue on real estate last year. While firms have been downsizing, some still spend millions of dollars on physical offices. This year, however, the practice of law has greatly shifted with many lawyers utilizing virtual offices.

Lawyers Rarely Miss A Beat With Virtual Office Support

As COVID-19 quickly spread across the U.S. earlier this year, lawyers in large and small firms began embarking on an unprecedented shift: remote work from anywhere through virtual offices.

Lawyers Helping Lawyers And Their Clients

Lawyers who practice solo or in small firms -- the majority in the US legal profession -- often lack the built-in referral sources found in larger firms and feel isolated without an office full of colleagues who can act as sounding boards.

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