The Value Of Paralegal Services

For growing law firms, the value of a paralegal services can be clear - attorneys can increase billable hours, decreasing the cost to their clients, and increase the profitability of their law practice.

Private Law Practice: Why You Need A Private Place Of Work

Practicing law is hard work. Beyond knowing case law, legal eccentricities, and strategies to get the best possible outcomes for your clients, you must be able to get inside your opponent’s head to win a case. Sometimes you just need a private space to do your work.

The Future Of Law Offices | Grant Drager on The Inside BS Show

Do you want a glimpse into the future of law offices? Grant Drager, Vice President of Business Development at Amata Offices, joins The Inside BS Show with Dave Lorenzo to talk extensively on the topic of the future of law offices.

Brand New Offices for Attorneys - 161 N Clark

It’s hard enough to find good office space for lawyers in Chicago. Brand new office space with on-site paralegal and administrative services? Practically impossible. Unless you mean the latest floor that will open up at 161 N Clark. It’s an offer by Amata, and here’s what you need to know.

Full-Service Virtual Offices For Lawyers

Attorneys starting off with their own practice need an essential support system to grow and prosper. Sure, you have the ability to take care of your filing, administrative tasks, and answering inquiries. But do you have the time? When you devote less time to mundane yet essential tasks, you have more time to work on settling a case in your favor. Let us show you what a full-service virtual office can do for your practice.

Reception Services: Make Sure To Keep Your Phone Number

Many businesses are familiar with the need to connect their contact phone number with their company name, and depending on how long they've been in business, have already accomplished it. In this regard, a daunting prospect for many business owners is the notion of having to change it. Unfortunately, this can be the case for those who are needing to change or add phone services, as many providers will not allow them to keep their existing number in the process.

Daily Runs to Courts, County Clerk's, and Sheriff's Offices

Amata has been a trusted resource for Chicagoland area attorneys when they need to retrieve vital records, record land deeds, eFile and search the court docket. Our team of paralegals, legal admins and docket clerks make daily trips to Cook County Courts, the Clerk’s Office and Sheriff’s office to retrieve vital records, conduct court docket searches, record deeds and many other tasks. All client requests are handled confidentially and expediently. Our team is familiar with all local courts and county offices and are able expedite most matters. We ensure your legal delivery need is met on time, every time.

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