Lori Levin: From Gov. Prosecution Work to Running a Solo Practice | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

Running a solo practice meant learning lessons about how to operate both as an attorney and a business owner. Now Lori calls her criminal defense solo work the most fulfilling stage in her career to date, and she sees the positive changes the courts are making for her clients.

Legaltech News: Flexing Their Market Muscles, ALSPs Can Elicit Tech Discounts For Small Firms

While IT providers’ negotiations can lead to discount perks to small firms, they can also lead to awkward conversations and rescinding recommendations.

Jamie Rubin: Running a ‘Lean & Mean’ Boutique Law Firm | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

InfoLawGroup LLP has offices across the U.S. and covers three major areas of law – advertising, privacy, and technology – but they aren’t a huge firm. They are a boutique law firm and practice in a niche market, where those three practice areas overlap. Jamie explains how their niche powerhouse of firm was built and how they optimize their team’s broad and specialized knowledge.

Change is Hard. Finding a Stable Space for Your Law Firm Shouldn’t Be.

It’s no secret that the legal industry is slow to change. Lawyers have billed clients by the hour since the concept was first introduced in 1958. Long working hours and lavish office space have been

Amy Gardner: Law Firm Partner Turned Law Practice Development Expert | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

The secret to law practice development? Successful attorneys are using coaches; experts like Amy who know the legal industry inside and out. From law practice partner, to legal educator, to Apochromatik, over a cup of coffee Amy can offer her fellow attorneys expertise it’d take decades for them to learn from books. Which is why her lawyer clients call her their ‘secret weapon.’

What are Contract Paralegals? Can They Benefit My Law Firm?

Paralegals serve a critical function in larger law firms, providing client work at a billable hour but lower rate for clients, and freeing up the attorney’s time to work on more complex matters. But

Lawyers Sharing Office Space with Non-Lawyers: Is It a Good Idea?

Lawyers who use shared office space will see tremendous cost-reductions, but when that space is shared with non-lawyers, it may not always be the best professional space for your practice. Thankfully, there is an alternative.

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