Struggling to Start Your Own Law Firm? These Attorneys Share How an Important Legal Program Changed Their Careers

When Chicago attorney Kendra Spearman started law school at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law, she was passionate about civil rights and knew she wanted to be a solo practitioner one day. But upon graduation in 2016, she realized that she didn’t have the necessary resources to get her practice off the ground.

Tired of Working from Home? These Lawyers Share The Importance of Maintaining a High Quality Office Presence.

While some lawyers have enjoyed the flexibility of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, others have had enough. According to a 2020 survey from design and architecture firm Gensler, only 10% of U.S. lawyers want to work from home five days per week.

How to Bates Number or Bates Stamp Documents| PDF Skills for Attorneys

Bates numbering (or Bates stamping) is a helpful way to keep track of the documents you sent or received in your case. Gone are the days of manually adding that control number to your documents or trying to recall whether you received documents from opposing counsel or from a third-party subpoena.

How to Properly Redact Documents | PDF Skills for Attorneys

Personal identity information cannot be included in documents or exhibits that are filed with the court. Make sure you are not inadvertently exposing your client’s information and understand the correct way to redact, especially when using software to help you.

Attorneys: Struggling to Maintain Good Mental Health? Learn How These Law Firms Support Their Teams.

According to The American Lawyer’s 2020 Midlevel Associates Survey, nearly 50% of midlevel associates have anxiety. Three in four associates also said their firms negatively affect their mental health. How do attorneys manage their stress in a hugely competitive and draining field?

Geo Bellas: Forty-Years of Game-Changing Tech for Law Firms | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

His law firm’s first game-changing tech adoption was a trio of fax machines that outpaced the competition and he says AI is the next big player. But Geo Bellas – nicknamed Geo as a reference to Neo in The Matrix – hasn’t been a techie simply because of the success it’s brought his practice over the past forty years.

What is an Alternative Legal Service Provider?

If you’ve spent any time looking to expand or improve your legal offerings, you may have come across the term “alternative legal service provider.” For many practices, these services, commonly

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