How to Properly Redact Documents | PDF Skills for Attorneys

Personal identity information cannot be included in documents or exhibits that are filed with the court. Make sure you are not inadvertently exposing your client’s information and understand the correct way to redact, especially when using software to help you.

Attorneys: Struggling to Maintain Good Mental Health? Learn How These Law Firms Support Their Teams.

According to The American Lawyer’s 2020 Midlevel Associates Survey, nearly 50% of midlevel associates have anxiety. Three in four associates also said their firms negatively affect their mental health. How do attorneys manage their stress in a hugely competitive and draining field?

Geo Bellas: Forty-Years of Game-Changing Tech for Law Firms | THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

His law firm’s first game-changing tech adoption was a trio of fax machines that outpaced the competition and he says AI is the next big player. But Geo Bellas – nicknamed Geo as a reference to Neo in The Matrix – hasn’t been a techie simply because of the success it’s brought his practice over the past forty years.

What is an Alternative Legal Service Provider?

If you’ve spent any time looking to expand or improve your legal offerings, you may have come across the term “alternative legal service provider.” For many practices, these services, commonly

Looking to Increase Your Law Firm’s IP? These Lawyers Say Paralegal Services are Key

What is the best way to increase a law firm's IP? Paralegal services can offer tremendous value to your legal practice.

Coleman & Vannucci: How Immigration Attorneys are Handling their Challenging Practice Area| THE 1958 LAWYER Podcast

It’s our first dual-guest interview, with representatives from both areas of immigration law! Christina Coleman is a Canadian immigrant who owns her own practice and focuses on employment-based immigration while Katie Vannucci handles the family-based side as shareholder at a mid-sized Chicago firm.

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