COVID-19: Chicago Updates & Amata Operations Information

As the situation on the coronavirus pandemic grows in both Illinois and throughout the world, we will maintain this page with our status and updates. As of Sunday, March 15th: Amata Law Office Suites is open and operating, but encouraging remote working.

Advice on Moving (or Relocating) Your Law Firm

Moving from working out of your your house into a private office space? Expanding into a new location in a new state? We have tips and advice for all types of moves.

Established Attorneys Who Don’t Choose Traditional Space for Their Firms

Many attorneys who sign up for traditional law office space find themselves losing profit to pay for space they aren’t using. It's good for attorneys to keep in mind that shared law office spaces aren’t just for solo attorneys. Flexible space is good for every firm, at every stage.

How to Get Affordable Health Insurance for Your Small Law Firm

If you have individual health insurance, you may have learned the hard way that the individual market lacks stability. The group market, on the other hand, is lower cost and provides more stable insurance options. Yet, many don't know it is an option for their one-person business.

New Year's Resolutions: Ideas for Attorneys in 2020

As an attorney, work is probably on your mind a lot, even when you're not sitting down at a desk. So it makes since that your resolution for the new year benefits both you and your law practice.

How to Get Affordable Support for Your Law Firm

Hiring more legal support staff is a catch-22 situation for most lawyers. On the one hand, they are overworked, struggling to keep up with never ending tasks and casework. On the other hand, they have...

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