We all know the feeling. You wake up Sunday morning and within a few minutes of consciousness, you remember what day it is, and suddenly the thought of burrowing back into your bed sounds like the only reasonable thing to do.

  October 30, 2015

With an increasing incidence of chronic illness and rising healthcare costs, individuals are searching for natural ways to restore their health and wellness. Introducing Health and Wellness through Nourishment, a new guest blog by Carla Hightower, MD.

  September 24, 2015

Achieving work-life balance has always been easier said than done, but the widespread adoption of mobile technologies – cell phones, tablets and smartwatches, to name a few – has created additional challenges for workers who find it increasingly difficult to unplug in today’s “always on” society.

  August 21, 2015

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance isn't impossible to achieve

  August 13, 2015

Last month, we began a new initiative at Amata. It’s nothing too big, nothing too challenging, but something very important to us all. What we began was our Workplace Wellness Initiative, and what we’re interested in is providing you with the tools and information to promote a healthy atmosphere in which you can work and to encourage you to extend healthy habits into your lifestyle.

  July 24, 2015

Some people dream of a job where they can sit on their bum all day. Obviously, these people don’t work behind a desk.

  July 7, 2015