Turn-key offices. Flexible contracts. Unlimited networking opportunities. The social and financial benefits of coworking have been well documented, fueling a rapid expansion that has made Class A office space accessible to freelancers and entrepreneurs who might not otherwise be able to afford it.

  October 16, 2015

In business, first impressions are everything, which is why companies of all sizes have gravitated to coworking spaces that offer the latest designs and amenities at a price even the smallest of businesses can afford. But not all shared office environments are alike, and in many centers, this is apparent from the moment prospective tenants walk in the door.

  August 28, 2015

Law firms have long been known for their sprawling offices, in which even the most junior associates enjoy their own private workspace. And while that’s beginning to change as larger firms adopt standard-size offices and move support staff to clustered workstations, some legal professionals actually are abandoning traditional office space altogether in favor of shared offices that allow them to reduce their real estate expenses and work more collaboratively with their peers.

  August 14, 2015

As the number of shared office providers continues to climb, more established players in the alternative office market are overhauling existing centers to better reflect the tastes and working habits of today’s renters.

  July 10, 2015

So you’re a small business. That doesn't mean for a second that you can't have big dreams.

  March 6, 2015

Shared office providers are modeling their centers after hotels in an effort to stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market.

  February 20, 2015