What is your ideal workspace?It is important that you chose the ideal workspace carefully. Your space should help increase productivity and creativity. Finding the right workspace goes beyond your desk. What makes a space ideal may vary from person to person, but we’re sharing a few key elements below that everyone should consider when searching for their ideal workspace.

Small Business

I’m Busy

Your office space should have high-speed Internet, phone answering, mail sorting and delivery, so you can focus on your day-to-day business without interruption or the distractions of running an office.

First Impressions

In order to provide unforgettable service for your customers and clients, a front desk receptionist is a must. From greeting your clients to accommodating them in a pleasant lobby environment, your receptionist should make their stay memorable. Phones answered by a real person are almost a thing of the past, which is why your clients will remember your receptionist.

Real People

Focusing on your work is paramount, but human interaction helps you remember how your messages are received. Find a space that houses variety of colleagues with whom you can talk shop and even refer business. Business referred by your neighbors is, after all, the most powerful word-of-mouth.

Café and Lounge Space

You spent more of your waking hours at work, than at home. Choose a workspace where you can change up your surroundings because even hearing ambient noise can help improve productivity. Host informal client or colleague meetings in the comfort of your floor’s cafe or lounge without leaving your suite for a noisy coffee shop. Your ideal workspace should be an environment that provides solutions to improve productivity and avoid distraction, while still providing alternative space when you need to shift your thinking. Consider these tips when you’re searching for the ideal workspace, and make the most of the time your time.