Trusted AdvisorThe founding partner of Samurai Business Group, Bob Lambert, gives an insight on how to transform a well-trusted advisor into a well- trusted asset.

What is a trusted advisor?

A trusted advisor is someone whom you trust that gives you valuable insight on a subject. The important word here is “trust” which poses two key components: character and competence.

How do you earn trust?

Trust is an important factor in a successful relationship. It is important to understand how your buyer evaluates whom they work with. Here are four basic criteria a buyer may use:

  1. Does your product/service overcome the pain of change?
  2. Do they believe your solution meets their compelling reasons to buy?
  3. Is your solution viable for them to implement?
  4. Does the buyer trust you and your company to deliver on your commitments and promises?

What is the role of a trusted asset?

Below, Samurai Business Group provides the key differences between a trusted advisor and trusted asset. In order to develop skills of a trusted asset, understand what your buyer values. However, more importantly, always put your client first while going beyond your professional opinion. The way one sees a trusted asset is the equivalent to a trusted friend.

Trusted Advisor vs. Trusted Asset

Trusted Advisor - Trusted Asset
Source: Samurai Business Group

Apply the standard components of a trusted asset into your business practice today!

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