virtual office

It’s important when running a business via a virtual office to make sure that potential clients see you as professional and legitimate. Utilizing a shared office space gives your brand the professional integrity it deserves without losing the financial benefits of being virtual, and when looking for workspace in Chicago, those two factors are key.

Take Your Virtual Office to the Next Level

Often times, the limitations of a virtual office come into play when needing to meet with clients, and they can even come into effect when there are unforeseen distractions at home (kids out of school for the day, spouse home sick, unexpected company arrives in town). By taking advantage of a shared office space, you provide your clients with the peace of mind knowing you’re not a fly-by-night operation. When they see you, you’re not at home or in your local coffee shop. You’re in a prestigious building in downtown Chicago, conducting business in a professional manner - just the same as anyone that rents out a private office - they just don’t know you’re not shelling out for the cost of one.

Finding the Perfect Chicago Office Space

It’s important when choosing a shared office space to find one that is not only convenient but will be impressive to your clients. We have six different locations that are all conveniently located to provide the perfect downtown Chicago office space, and each location has been designed to astound.

Amata Shared Office Space Benefits

It’s easy to maintain your brand’s integrity when you’re working with us because we understand the need for the little details - like the use of a prestigious business address and mail handling and forwarding services. From personalized call answering services to 24/7 access to open workspaces and use of our lounge and cafe work areas at any one of our six locations, you’re getting much more with Amata’s shared office spaces.

Coworking Space for Attorneys

We’ve supported attorneys for more than 20 years, so we know a thing or two about what you need and what your clients expect. Coworking space for attorneys is important in being able to collaborate with other like minds in your industry, but how do you set yourself from others in the building when you’re using shared office space? Fortunately for you, Amata already thought of that. You’ll find there is no direct branding at any of our locations. So even though you’re meeting your clients in a shared workspace, they aren’t seeing any other brand but you.

Take your brand and virtual office to the next level. View a comprehensive list of all the services and benefits an Amata shared office space provides. If you want the opportunity to have a fully brand-customized office, check out our private offices at any one of our six Chicago locations.