The Benefits of Amata’s Community, Amatanet

Amata Law Office Suites understands that social networking isn’t just for college kids anymore. Instead of your run-of-the-mill platforms that encompass many diverse industries over a large spread of various regions, Amata focuses its community, Amatanet, specifically on its members - those that hold virtual, coworking, or private office space.

Amatanet allows our members to partake in a private community where they may network with one another as well as establish and build personal and professional relationships, co-counsel opportunities, and so much more.

Search for Colleagues. RSVP to Events. Build Your Community.

While the business benefits of social networking are becoming more and more obvious, it is really the cocktail party atmosphere in which you are engaging with that provides new colleagues who are more than willing to share information, tools, resources, opinions, knowledge and support.

By actively involving yourself in the Amatanet community, you’re able to demonstrate your expertise, engage with your fellow Amata members, and present yourself as a leader. All of these things combined will give you ROI - return on investment as well as Return On Influence.

Connections Matter

Amatanet is a perfect hub for networking, building connections, and staying on top of what’s happening in the legal community. Being an Amata member truly means being part of a community.

At Amata Law Office Suites, we realize that networking doesn’t always come naturally. It takes work, and that’s why we’re here to help you succeed.

Discover How Amatanet Helps Set You Apart

We all know networking matters, and as a part of the community at Amata Law Office Suites, you have the opportunity to connect with other members and enjoy the following benefits:

Get Connected and Stay Informed as an Amata Member

If you want to succeed as an attorney, networking and professional development are key. When you create valuable connections with fellow attorneys, you establish a go-to for someone to bounce ideas off of, refer clients to, and even be referred in return.

Let Amata Law Office Suites member community, Amatanet, help you cultivate these important connections and stay informed with the latest events and industry updates.